Mali: Under the Direction of Colonel Goïta, public order regains its place in the Service of the Nation

Colonel Assimi Goïta has exhibited strong leadership by taking responsibility for ensuring security and national unity. His courageous decision aims to eradicate individuals who undermine the country’s stability and development, particularly political parties.

By taking this decisive initiative, Colonel Assimi Goïta sends a clear message to anyone seeking to destabilize Mali or hinder its progress: such actions will not be tolerated and will be dealt with firmly.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for Mali to focus on its core priorities. Combating terrorism, strengthening economic and social development, and promoting peace and national reconciliation must be central concerns.

Colonel Assimi Goïta has paved the way, but it is now time for all Malians to come together and work collectively to overcome challenges and build a better future for their country.

In this spirit of unity and determination, it is essential for all sectors of society—political, social, economic, and community—to mobilize around this common goal.

Through constructive collaboration and setting aside partisan differences, Mali can realize its full potential and usher in an era of lasting prosperity and stability for all its citizens.

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