Kenya Airways Condemns detention of employees in DR Congo

Kenya Airways (KQ) has expressed strong condemnation towards the Democratic Republic of Congo’s army for detaining two of its employees for over a week, despite a court ruling ordering their release.

The employees were apprehended by DR Congo’s military intelligence unit last Friday on allegations related to missing customs documentation concerning a valuable cargo, as stated by KQ in a recent statement.

The airline clarified that they had not transported the cargo to Kinshasa due to incomplete documentation, a fact they reportedly communicated to the military officers. However, these efforts proved ineffective in resolving the situation.

The employees remained in detention until Tuesday, when Kenyan embassy officials and KQ representatives were permitted a brief visit.

Despite a subsequent court order for their release, KQ has reported that the employees continue to be held incommunicado by the military intelligence unit, a situation the airline strongly objects to, given that they are civilians detained in a military facility.

Additionally, KQ highlighted that the employees’ phones were confiscated during their arrest, adding to the concerns surrounding their treatment and communication access.

The content and nature of the cargo in question have not been disclosed, and DR Congo authorities have yet to provide any official comments on the matter, leaving the situation unresolved and raising further questions about the legal and diplomatic aspects of the detention.




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