Burkina-Faso: The army has struck again. Several terrorists eliminated on the Kaya-Dori road

Once again, terrorist groups faced defeat under the firepower of Burkina Faso’s armed forces. On Wednesday, may 1st, 2024, dozens of assailants were neutralized along National Route 3 (Kaya-Dori).

While workers were engaged in May Day celebrations, the military remained vigilant to ensure the safety of the populace and thwart any attempts of attack.

According to security sources, a group of criminals, believing they had free reign, conducted checks along National Route 3 (Kaya-Dori) on May 1st.

They stopped a minibus and motorcyclists. However, the unwavering commitment of the armed forces to defend national territory left no room for the enemy to advance.

From aerial vantage points, fighters monitored every detail and pursued the assailants after their activities.

The attackers retreated and joined their cohorts nearby under trees.

Seizing the moment, aerial operators launched a missile at the group. The terrorists and their vehicles were engulfed in flames.

Some survivors attempted to flee but were swiftly neutralized. Following these successful strikes, units from the 41st Commando Infantry Regiment and the Volunteers for Defense and the Homeland (VDP) conducted a sweep of the area, recovering usable materials.

Territorial reconquest operations are ongoing across the national territory.


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