Togo Drafts its National Territorial Development Plan: Towards an Inclusive and sustainable future

The Togolese government, in its ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life for its citizens, is currently focusing on territorial development.

This initiative aims to develop and implement various tools created by experts, following consultations with different stakeholders in national development.

The National Territorial Development Plan (NTDP), nearly a year and a half into the works, is nearing completion.

Over five days, these efforts, led by the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Cooperation, will involve reviewing the various tools devised by experts.

These consultations will engage state actors, local authorities, civil society, the private sector, traditional leadership, as well as technical and financial partners.

The goal is to gather final recommendations and feedback to finalize the document.

Once adopted, the national territorial development plan will serve as a roadmap for government decisions, enhancing the coherence and synergy of sectoral policies and strategies.

This will enable harmonious, balanced, and sustainable management of the national space.

The NTDP aims to be a key instrument for Togo’s sustainable development, aiming to include all segments of the population and address socio-economic and environmental challenges.

By bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders to design and validate this plan, the Togolese government demonstrates its commitment to building an inclusive and prosperous future for all its citizens.



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