Burkina Faso/Sovereignty: The authorities remain firm in their commitments

Since assuming leadership in Burkina Faso, the authorities, led by Captain Ibrahim Traoré, have been tirelessly working to restore their nation’s sovereignty and true independence.

Despite facing obstacles from adversaries like imperialist and neo-colonial powers, their determination remains unshaken.

This dynamic government is deeply committed to the Burkinabe state’s leadership.

For instance, at the 112th International Labour Organization (ILO) conference in Geneva, Burkina Faso’s delegation leader, Minister of Labour Bassolma Bazié, staunchly defended Burkinabe interests.

Emphasizing the nation’s collective interests, he asserted that it was now up to the sovereign people of Burkina Faso to decide on the conventions to ratify and the international organizations to join.

In a recent decision, the Burkinabe government mandated thorough legal scrutiny by local legal experts of all international legal texts before adoption or ratification.

This move aims to avoid the pitfalls often set by powerful international bodies that use laws as political tools for domination and subjugation of developing nations.

The efforts of the Burkinabe government in striving towards the country’s liberation deserve commendation and support.

Their sole focus is on achieving set objectives to free the nation from oppression.




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