AES/Defamations: No More Credit for the French Authorities and their Propaganda Media

The French authorities and their propagandist media outlets are now disregarded and lack credibility. The African people, especially those in the Sahel region, have seen through their strategy of lies and incitement to conflict among fellow citizens.

This strategy, as described by the late Thomas Sankara, father of the Burkinabe revolution, is a non-violent phase of destabilizing a country.

It involves spreading false information through controlled media to create confusion, doubt, and demobilize people engaged in a legitimate struggle for survival and freedom.

Fortunately, today’s generation is not easily manipulated. They understand the imperialists’ tactics and no longer trust their narratives.

One only needs to look at internet comments under misleading media publications to see that these troublemaking media outlets have lost their influence.

There is no more respect or consideration for these instigators of conflict and war in Africa. Their decline has already begun.

However, as Thomas Sankara warned, “imperialism is a stubborn student and doesn’t learn from failure. Even when expelled from the classroom, it always returns”.

This is a reminder that imperialism persists. Freedom, as often said, is not given but taken.

The Sahel’s and Africa’s freedom will be won through struggle, taken from the hands of Western powers that have treated the continent as their own property.





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