Togo/Culture: Lomé-Ankara Cooperation to Develop Togo’s Tourism sector                                                            

The friendship and cooperation between Togo and Turkey are flourishing, underpinned by a strong commitment from their highest authorities to continuously strengthen their collaborative ties through initiatives that promote sustainable development.

This commitment is particularly evident in the tourism sector, a key area of bilateral cooperation between Togo and Turkey.

The sector is poised for significant transformation thanks to a new initiative born from the productive partnership between Presidents Faure Gnassingbé and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

One notable result of this cooperation is the tourism development project titled “Enhancing Entrepreneurial Capacities of Tourism Stakeholders for the Competitiveness of Togolese Tourism.”

Recently launched by the proactive Minister of Tourism, Kossi Gbenyo Lamadoku, in the presence of Turkey’s Ambassador, Muteber Kiliç, this ambitious project aims to train approximately 40 tourism professionals.

The project also includes a study visit to Turkey, allowing participants to gain broader knowledge and insights that will contribute to the effective development of Togo’s tourism sector. This support is crucial for Togo’s authorities as they continue to implement significant reforms aimed at dramatically transforming the tourism industry, a vital driver of the country’s economic growth.

Over the four-year duration of the project, Togo’s tourism sector is expected to become highly attractive and competitive on a global scale. Additionally, bilateral cooperation between Togo and Turkey extends to other sectors such as agriculture, trade, defense, and education, further strengthening the ties between the two nations.



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