Algeria: Algerian civil society files a complaint against Israel to the International Criminal Court

A complaint is reportedly being filed against the State of Israel before the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Thursday, November 9. This initiative comes from the renowned Algerian lawyer, Abdelmajid Merari, who had announced the filing of a collective Algerian complaint against the State of Israel. This legal action, resulting from extensive collaboration between civil society activists and a group of lawyers, aims to document the numerous crimes committed by Israeli occupying forces in Palestine, including charges of genocide.

A collective complaint initiated by civil society and supported by a group of international lawyers will be submitted in The Hague to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Thursday.

It is in relation to genocide and other crimes committed by the Zionist entity in Gaza and the occupied West Bank since October 7th.

In a newsletter titled «Justice is the response to violence, united in defense of the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people», the initiators of this action specified that «the complaint will be filed as a witness», in support of the ICC’s efforts to uphold international law.

They noted that this process is not aimed at accusing or judging, but it is the result of citizens analyzing the facts and expressing their convictions regarding a violation of the law.

With the assistance of lawyers, they are submitting their case to a prosecutor responsible for conducting an investigation.

The charge of genocide, recently endorsed by seven UN special rapporteurs, has been examined in light of the most recent jurisprudence and all relevant facts.

The complaint will be illustrated and supported by historical background and documents tracing the origins of the conflict in the Middle East, with a press conference scheduled near the ICC headquarters in The Hague.

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune called on all free people around the world and Arab jurists in Algiers on Monday to initiate a legal action before the ICC against the Israeli entity responsible for massacres against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

French lawyer Gilles Devers, who will be part of the delegation filing the complaint, explained that this initiative aims to encourage the ICC to use its powers to enforce international law.

Furthermore, it seeks to show the Palestinians that they are not alone in the face of the brutality of the Zionists.

As a reminder, the National Bar Association of Tunisia will hold its first meeting of the legal committee on Thursday, formed with the purpose of documenting crimes committed by the Zionist entity, filing complaints, and prosecuting Zionist leaders before the ICC.


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