Gabon: The President of the Transition, General Brice Oligui Nguema, is preparing for a national tour beginning with the Woleu-Ntem province

In the next weeks , the President of the Transition, the Head of State, General Brice Oligui Nguema, plans to make a historic visit to the Woleu-Ntem province. If confirmed, this would be the President’s first visit to this province since assuming power, possibly marking the beginning of a national tour.

Since his inauguration, General Brice Oligui Nguema has primarily focused his travels on the international stage, seeking to reassure Gabon’s partners.

However, his upcoming visit to Woleu-Ntem would represent his third domestic trip, following visits to the Haut-Ogooué and Moyen-Ogooué regions.

The objective of this tour would be to assess the needs of the population in the Grand-North region.

While the Palace of Renovation has not officially confirmed this trip yet, there are indications that preparations are underway within the presidential organizing committee.

If this visit materializes, it could have a strong social aspect in line with the President’s commitment to improving the living conditions of the Gabonese people.

Since assuming power, the President of the Transition has announced several significant measures, particularly in the social and infrastructure domains.

This vision, focused on the well-being of citizens, could potentially be extended across the country.

Thus, the visit to Woleu-Ntem may mark the starting point for a national tour aimed at implementing these changes nationwide.

The Gabonese people eagerly await to see how this new era will materialize on the ground and whether it will be the precursor to significant improvements throughout the country.

Jean-Robert TCHANDY

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