Ivory Coast/Vody: The suspension of Vody beverage has nothing to do with the stated reasons

The suspension of the import and the ban on the distribution of energy and alcoholic drinks from the German company, Cody’s Drink International, has nothing to do with the reasons given to justify this drastic measure.

Last October, the Ivorian government’s decision fell like a bomb on the heads of the officials of the German company specializing in the production and marketing of energy and alcoholic drinks.

This is not to mention the negative publicity and persecution that the Vody brand faced before this decision.

The stated reason for this suspension is to protect public health, according to the Ivorian government.

Knowing full well that it is the mixing of the beverage with drugs that exposes consumers to this situation, the government chose to ban the distribution of the drinks rather than the drugs.

This leads us to the real reason behind this targeting of the products of the German company.

It is actually a sponsorship battle in which Cody’s Drink lost to the Ivorian subsidiary of the French company Castel.

The coveted market is none other than the 34th edition of the African Cup of Nations (AFCON 2023), which is being hosted in Ivory Coast and will take place from January 13 to February 11, 2024.

The two companies producing energy and alcoholic drinks competed for the partnership of this major sporting event.

However, the manner in which the competition was conducted by Cody’s Drink’s rival was not legal.

But as corruption prevails in our current societies, it is the one acting illegally who has been declared the winner.



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