International / French diplomacy in crisis: Ambassadors challenge Macron on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

French ambassadors in the Middle East and in a number of other countries have expressed their dissatisfaction with President Emmanuel Macron’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They disapproved of Macron’s pro-Israeli stance in the face of aggression in Gaza, marking a departure from France’s traditionally balanced position.

In response to the criticism, President Macron sought to ease tensions by initiating talks with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and War Cabinet Minister Benny Ganz.

 He reaffirmed France’s solidarity with Israel, emphasising the country’s right and duty to defend itself in the face of terrorist attacks.

Macron clarified that he was not seeking to accuse Israel of deliberately harming innocent civilians in its fight against the Hamas terrorist group.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials strongly criticised the French President.

Netanyahu criticised Macron for making serious factual and moral errors, arguing that it is Hamas, not Israel, that is obstructing the evacuation of civilians by entrenching itself in sensitive institutions such as hospitals, schools, and UNRWA and UN facilities.

This verbal confrontation follows Macron’s strongest condemnation of Israel’s actions in Gaza since the start of the conflict.

The French president stressed the lack of justification for attacks on innocent civilians, marking a major sticking point in Franco-Israeli relations.


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