Togo Set to host inaugural Artificial Intelligence Week in March 2024

The International Council of Artificial Intelligence (CONIIA) is organizing the inaugural Artificial Intelligence Week (AIW) in Lomé from March 19 to 23, 2024. The announcement was made during the launch ceremony in the presence of Jérôme Ribeiro, President of Human AI, and Germain Pouli, President of the National Council of Press Owners (CONAPP).

As a significant step in promoting and understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Togo, the goal of AIW is to raise awareness among the general public, students, decision-makers, and institutions about the advancements in AI applications.

«The event also aims to facilitate understanding of this technology by organizing interactive workshops, informative and educational conferences accessible to all, as well as practical demonstrations», added Jérôme Ribeiro.

In the same vein, the President of Human AI invited all Togolese stakeholders to share this vision and actively participate in this initiative, which he believes will transform the country and benefit every Togolese citizen.

«Together, let’s make Artificial Intelligence a gateway to the future, elevate Togo to the rank of an African and global leader in this future field», he emphasized.

For the coordinator of CONIIA, Malik Morris Mouzou, delighted with Togo’s choice to host the event, «Togo and other African countries can no longer remain on the sidelines of this evolution, which offers both opportunities and challenges».

According to him, this choice highlights the importance of Africa in the global technological landscape and its potential as a leader in AI innovation.

«The ongoing technological revolution is significant (…) AIW aims to explore advances and applications of AI, facilitate understanding of this technology, and encourage exchanges among various stakeholders in civil society, media, business experts, universities, students, job seekers, and decision-makers», Mr. Mouzou further explained.

The AIW program will include conferences led by renowned experts, demonstration spaces, stands showcasing company products, and educational workshops.

In preparation for this event, training is planned in partnership with the National Council of Press Owners (CONAPP) for over 70 journalists.

 The goal is to provide them with a clear understanding of the strategic challenges of Artificial Intelligence and its global context.

Currently ranked 23rd in Africa and 145th globally in the Oxford Insights 2023 ranking of countries best prepared for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Togo aspires to be among the top five in Africa.


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