Mali’s ministerial visit to China: strengthening bilateral ties and strategic projects at the heart of discussions

A ministerial delegation from Mali, comprising the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Finance, and Industry and Trade, visited Beijing, China, to strengthen bilateral ties and discuss joint projects. The ministers were welcomed by the Deputy Director of the Africa Department at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The visit was initiated at the invitation of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The Malian delegation stressed the importance of this visit in consolidating the already fruitful cooperation between the two countries.

Discussions focused on specific projects, including the financing of a spinning mill and energy-related initiatives.

The Malian ministers expressed their desire to diversify partnerships in line with the principles of sovereignty, respect for national strategic choices and defence of the interests of the Malian people.

The delegation held working sessions with representatives of Chinese companies operating in Mali and heads of Chinese financial institutions.

The aim of the visit was to finalise the details of projects underway and to draw up a concrete agenda for their implementation.

The institutional meeting with the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs was a key moment of the visit.

The delegation stressed the importance of tangible results from this mission, confirming the commitment of the Malian authorities to strengthening their position on the international stage.


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