Burkina-Faso: The transitional authorities in the sights of a new destabilisation manoeuvre

Any attempt to destabilize a political regime has its early signs. In Burkina Faso, those plotting destabilization, often referred to as local lackeys of imperialism, frequently use a web of lies to sow confusion and divide public opinion.

Plotters against an established regime tend to wield disinformation as a weapon to fuel their base motives.

However, they often encounter a significant obstacle: media outlets that support the government.

In devising a plan to eliminate these different communication channels from their path, they target them.

Currently, these channels are once again under attack from conspirators, indicating that a new destabilization attempt is underway against the regime in our country.

Modus Operandi

During his address to the nation on December 11, on the occasion of Burkina Faso’s 63rd independence anniversary, President Captain Ibrahim Traoré warned imperialists and their local lackeys who fuel terrorism.

He also urged those who have been «misled» to lay down their arms because there will come a time when it will no longer be possible to do so.

These local lackeys are the same individuals who, in turn, use innocent citizens by offering them money, much like their sponsors, to attack the communication organs supporting the government on various networks.

The objective is first to spoil the editorial line of these organs and then definitively divert the audience’s interest in their favor.

Given that the audience is the largest for these communication organs, the local lackeys spare no effort to fully seize it.

Of all the destabilization attempts Burkina has faced, these communication organs have always been targeted as a hurdle to overcome to succeed in the coup. Otherwise, no success is possible.

In any case, it is uncertain whether a lengthy publication resembling a movie script, filled with falsehoods and fabrications, can overcome these communication organs.

Thus, one already apprehends the danger that evidently must force the vigilance of the transitional authorities.

The Usual Maneuver

During the lying poker game of local lackeys, imperialist press outlets strive not to publish any information about the target of the plot.

No articles are published concerning the news. It’s a bit like the calm before the storm. Given this, it is already appropriate to take adequate measures.

It’s a silence that speaks volumes about the maneuver that could be preparing once again after the President’s warning to imperialists, local lackeys, and terrorists during his address to the nation on December 11.

Do the imperialists still await the result of the maneuver before losing their cool? In the tactic of a Plan B, which would consist of validating the plot in case of failure, the imperialists may have wished to keep a cool head to avoid arousing suspicion before entering the fray.

A Few Weeks Ago…

In early September, three soldiers accused of wanting to «destabilize» the regime of Captain Ibrahim Traoré were arrested and indicted for «conspiracy against the security of the state», according to a statement from the military prosecutor of Ouagadougou published on September 8.

The arrested soldiers «admitted the facts», which consisted of identifying «the residences» of the transitional president and certain civilian and military authorities to destabilize the transition’s management and sow “chaos” in Burkina Faso.

The magazine «Jeune Afrique» then came forward on September 20 with its article «In Burkina Faso, discontent is rising in the barracks».

The imperialist journal fueled this plot with a lot of money, claiming that «several garrisons» experienced tensions after an operation in the Bobo-Dioulasso region.

Since the maneuver failed, the subsequent events became evident with the immediate suspension of “Jeune Afrique.”

Other publications at the service of Paris also faced the same fate.

Since then, imperialists exclusively use local lackeys against the regime, even attempting to infiltrate state institutions to inform the enemy and trigger destabilization from within.

In the call for vigilance towards the authorities, it will be necessary to broaden the mission of intelligence services to wiretapping in affiliated services to the highest echelons of the state.

In any case, this eventuality for a front attack is not negligible. It is up to the brave Burkinabe people to also be vigilant in denouncing any suspicious individuals in the public and political life of the nation.

Moussa KAFOU



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