Togo/Cooperation: Relations Between Togo and The Czech Republic Strengthen

The Republic of Togo and the Czech Republic, a central European country, are further consolidating their relations, with the partner country’s diplomatic representation in Lomé. A new honorary consulate of the Czech Republic was inaugurated last weekend in Lomé, after several years of closure.

According to the Czech ambassador, Jan Füry, who is based in Accra, Ghana, with responsibility for Togo, the opening of this consular office marks an important stage in the bilateral relations between Lomé and Prague, the Czech capital.

It is headed by Honorary Consul General Oukpedjo Abdou Saïd, whose diplomatic mission will be to promote the development of commercial, economic, socio-cultural and scientific relations between the two countries.

He invited Togo’s economic operators to come to the consulate to find out about the opportunities that could give them more openings, so that their activities can flourish. He also undertook to attract investors from the Czech Republic to Togo.

It is also responsible for safeguarding the interests of nationals and legal entities of the Czech Republic in Togo.

This Consulate is opening in Lomé at a time when the Czech authorities are working to invest in Africa.

As long ago as September 2021, a delegation of Czech businessmen visited Togo to prospect in the energy, transport, agriculture, technology and agribusiness sectors.



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