Ghana: Parliament legalises cannabis for medical and industrial use

Ghana has voted to legalize the cultivation and commercialization of cannabis for industrial and therapeutic purposes. Through a law passed on December 14th by the parliament, the authority to issue licenses is now vested in the Ministry of the Interior. This marks a new era in Ghana, transforming its regulations concerning cannabis.

«This could not have happened at a more opportune time and will be an extremely important industry to establish. It is a game-changing industry», expresses Nana Agyemang, CEO of the Hempire Association of Ghana.

«We want to encourage the government to involve the private sector, especially local businesses with the necessary expertise, to help address the challenges faced by the sector in other regions of the world», said Godfried Abogye, president of the International Cannabis Company.

Ghana’s commitment to realizing the potential of cannabis was underscored by the adoption of the 2020 Narcotics Control Commission Act (Act 1019).

This decision aligns with a global trend of countries tapping into the potential of the cannabis industry, valued at an estimated $30 billion in global GDP as of January 2022.

It is essential to note that the licenses cover all activities related to cannabis, including cultivation, processing, distribution, sales, import, and export. This aspect has sparked controversy.

While we control our production chain, we are unable to control the electricity we generate in this country. As if that is not enough, you now want to issue licenses for cannabis. Ghana is fortunate to possess gold, diamonds, and everything else. In fact, we recently adopted electronic tax. None of this is capable of ensuring the security of our country,” protests Kwame Govern Agbodza, a member of the Ghanaian parliament.

Experts argue that if the cannabis industry is properly managed and regulated throughout the value chain, Ghana’s economic challenges could be addressed, as cannabis has the potential to thrive in all regions of the country.

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