Rihanna declares “Unavailable” the best track of the Year 2023 in a Global Musical Nod

In a surprising revelation, global pop sensation Rihanna has declared the track «Unavailable» her favorite of the year, expressing her obsession by having it on repeat. The song in question is a groundbreaking collaboration between Nigerian music sensation Davido and South African producer Musa Keys, seamlessly blending the vibrant sounds of Afrobeats with the infectious rhythms of amapiano.

The Bajan star didn’t stop there – she also gave a shout-out to another South African artist, specifically mentioning «Mnike» as one of her top favorites for the year 2023.

This revelation adds a touch of intrigue as fans speculate on Rihanna’s diverse musical taste and the impact of African artists on the global stage.

Davido, the Nigerian artist behind «Unavailable», couldn’t contain his excitement upon receiving such high praise from Rihanna.

Taking to social media, he responded with a simple yet heartfelt comment, referring to Rihanna as «my Ri Ri».

This interaction has set social media abuzz, igniting discussions about the global influence and cross-cultural collaborations shaping the contemporary music landscape.

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