Togo: The government is moving towards modernizing technical education with the revision of programs in electricity and masonry

In Lomé on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, the Minister Delegate in charge of Technical Education, Kokou Eké Hodin, inaugurated the revision of training curricula for the Certificate of Vocational Aptitude (CAP) in equipment electricity and masonry. This initiative aims to modernize training programs in these fields in response to the challenges identified in the Sector Education Plan (PSE 2014-2025).

The need to adjust technical education to the realities of a constantly evolving world has led Togolese authorities to rethink curricula to make this sector a driver of employment promotion, increased productivity, and poverty reduction.

Thus, Minister Kokou Eké Hodin has launched the rewriting in the Competency-Based Approach (CBA) of the training programs for Certificates of Vocational Aptitude in equipment electricity and masonry.

Methodologists, trainers, and professionals are gathered until December 30 to update the training framework, develop the trainer’s logbook, the learner’s logbook, the evaluation framework of the pedagogical guide, as well as the pedagogical and material organization guide.

Atcholadi Essodina, Director of Pedagogy and Programs, emphasizes the importance of this revision in anticipating changes in the job market, adapting to technological progress, and strengthening the effectiveness of training.

He highlights the focus on electricity and masonry due to their high employment potential, also announcing the introduction of computing into the system. Adomayakpo Kokou Agbégniga, Head of Curriculum and Pedagogy-Methodology Division, explains that the transition to a competency-based approach and the modularization of programs will facilitate the development of tailor-made training, thereby increasing the attractiveness of this sub-sector.

Minister Hodin emphasizes that the programs within technical education date back to 1996 and no longer respond to the dynamics of the constantly changing technological and professional world.

The revision of programs in these two areas marks the government’s commitment to developing skills adapted to current challenges.

The minister calls for the collaboration of all partners to meet the challenge of quality education and training.




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