Nigerien Authorities initiate Inclusive National Dialogue for successful Transition

In their commitment to a successful transition, Nigerien authorities are preparing to open an inclusive national dialogue to determine the duration of the transition and discuss its parameters. As a prelude to the dialogue, the Prime Minister has initiated regional consultations in the northern part of the country to gather proposals from Nigeriens.

These consultations, led by the head of the government, Ali Lamine Zeine, aim to ensure that the transition receives consensus-driven and inclusive proposals for the success of the inclusive national dialogue.

It was in Agadez that the transitional Prime Minister, Ali Lamine Zeine, kicked off the consultations.

Additionally, the dialogue will also define «the fundamental principles and priority areas for the transition».

In essence, it is the Nigerien people who will decide on the duration of the transition, contrary to the ECOWAS’s attempt to impose a «short» transition on Niger.

If the country accepts this short transition, it could potentially ease the sanctions imposed on it.

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