Burkina Faso/Transition: Captain Ibrahim TRAORE can be trusted for the values he embodies

The Burkinabe Head of State embodies many values of good governance. Integrity, transparency in public resource management, loyalty to the people, and patriotism are among the guiding principles of Captain Ibrahim TRAORE, the transitional President of Burkina Faso. These principles represent the core values of good governance.

Especially in the fight against terrorism, the Head of State has consistently demonstrated loyalty to his people and transparency in his actions, particularly in managing public resources dedicated to the war against terrorist groups.

This has earned him the unwavering trust and confidence of his compatriots.

It is thanks to this trust that the Burkinabé people continue to make sacrifices and exert efforts to support Captain Ibrahim TRAORE and his collaborators in achieving security objectives.

Since it was recognized that only Burkinabe citizens can finance the war against terrorists, there has been a massive and widespread endorsement of this idea by the population.

The Burkinabé people’s endorsement has remained unchanged to this day, due to the trust placed in their Head of State, who, in turn, consistently fulfills his promises.

Several significant batches of state-of-the-art military equipment have already been acquired by Burkina Faso since Captain TRAORE assumed office, and more are on the way to better equip the army and intensify the fight against terrorists.

All of this has been made possible through the multiple contributions of the population, managed responsibly by the country’s authorities.

It is a way for them to govern effectively, enabling them to address the various challenges facing the country.

Chris TAZO



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