Burkina Faso: The President drives reform for transparent public Management

President Ibrahim Traoré is leading the drive for a thorough overhaul of public administration within his government. During this Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting , several significant decisions were made to enhance transparency and efficiency in public affairs.

Under the Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Prospective, the Council reviewed a dossier on the project maturation guide.

 According to Minister Aboubakar Nacanabo, the existing guide from 2018 had limitations that no longer aligned with current priorities.

A new version has been crafted, introducing a major innovation: the examination of the project brief by the Council of Ministers at its formulation stage.

This approach aims to provide early guidance, aligning projects and programs with the Action Plan for Stabilization and Development, the development framework.

Another crucial aspect of public management reform was addressed during the Council of Ministers, namely the operation to scrutinize services rendered, attendance, and remuneration elements of state agents, especially those from the National Agency for Primary Healthcare.

The results of this operation revealed that over 500 agents were in irregular situations, receiving fictitious remunerations, or subject to dual mandates.

Clear directives were given to rectify all identified irregularities. Additionally, sanctions will be applied to all individuals directly or indirectly involved in these reprehensible practices.

President Ibrahim Traoré, through the Council of Ministers meeting, demonstrates his firm commitment to cleaning up public administration.

The adopted reforms aim to modernize project management procedures and eliminate irregular practices within the administration.


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