Withdrawal of Mali from ECOWAS: Conclusions of the extraordinary cabinet meeting

In an extraordinary cabinet meeting following the official announcement of Mali’s withdrawal from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), President Assimi GOÏTA and his government delved into the reasons behind this decision and examined the opportunities that lie ahead for Mali.

Regarding the reasons that led to the immediate and definitive departure of the Republic of Mali, one of the founding members of ECOWAS, Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abdoulaye DIOP, highlighted the perceived threat posed by the regional organization to the sovereignty and vital interests of the country, as well as those of the other two AES member states.

He reiterated to the cabinet the reasons outlined in the joint communiqué formalizing the exit of the three countries from ECOWAS.

 He stated that ECOWAS had deviated from its founding principles and was being used against the institutions, states, and populations of its member countries.

According to Minister Abdoulaye DIOP, this decision will now allow the three countries to work in their own interest, free from detrimental external influences.

On the economic front, this withdrawal provides the AES countries with the opportunity to develop a strong domestic market, stimulate economic growth.

It also ensures political and economic autonomy, according to the Malian Minister of Economy, Alousséni SANOU.

Mr. SANOU emphasized also the financial benefits, particularly in terms of trade balance and foreign direct investment, that would result from this decision.

 He assured the country’s ability to protect local businesses and overcome challenges.

The Minister of Economy and Finance expressed confidence in the resilience and intelligence of the country in taking control of its destiny.

The ministers also highlighted that this decision to withdraw from ECOWAS opens up significant prospects for the political and economic autonomy of the AES countries.


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