Creation of a common currency: the AES will no longer be a cash cow for France

Exiting the CFA zone is likely the next step for the countries of Sahel Alliance (AES), namely Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger, in their pursuit of full sovereignty. This topic is particularly relevant as these countries no longer belong to the sub-regional bloc ECOWAS, an institution that has, in recent years, been seen as a tool of France, maintaining a form of colonization worse than that of the colonial period itself.

It’s worth noting that ECOWAS, having become an instrument of France, has been a source of concern for the Sahel Alliance, whose only fault is to break free from French domination and ensure a safer and economically developed Sahel for its people.

The question of abandoning the CFA franc and creating a currency specific to the Sahel Alliance has been discussed by the leaders of this region in recent days.

Burkina Faso’s President, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, emphasized that «all ties maintaining their countries in servitude will be broken».

According to General Tiani, the President of Niger, the creation of a common currency for the Sahel Alliance is a «step towards breaking free from this colonization».

The Nigerien leader believes that real sovereignty is achieved through currency, and the three countries have the necessary means and experts to turn this vision into reality.

Currently, the Sahel bloc is considering the creation of a Stabilization Fund and an investment bank in line with the recommendations of the ministers of economy and finance of the Sahel Alliance, marking a step towards a common currency for the Sahel region.


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