All-Star Game 2024: A Night of Records and Spectacle with a Historic Victory for the East

The All-Star Game 2024 was a spectacle of demonstrations and records, with victory ultimately favoring the Eastern Conference team over the Western Conference, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, defeating LeBron James’ team 211-186.

The night proved to be simply magical, exceeding expectations and surpassing previous records.

Returning to the traditional East versus West format, this year’s All-Star Game witnessed the most prolific encounter in history, with a total of 397 points scored, including 211 for the East and 186 for the West.

This performance far surpassed the previous record set in 2016, prompting the NBA to reassess the competitiveness of its “All-Star” match.

Eight years later, and despite a six-year experiment with a Draft and scoring goal, things remain unchanged.

The crucial moment that propelled the East beyond the 200-point mark was a three-point basket by Tyrese Haliburton, marking a historic first in the All-Star Game.

The East concluded the game with 211 points, setting a new record for the highest score ever reached by a team in this event, surpassing the West’s 196 points in 2016.

With a total of 397 points scored that night, the East and West exceeded the previous record by 22 points, set in 2017 with 374 points.

The NBA hoped the return to the traditional format would encourage players to approach the All-Star Game more seriously, and the players responded emphatically, setting a new record with a total of 193 points during the first half and surpassing it with 204 points in the second half.

Furthermore, the East surpassed the record for points scored by a team in one half, with an impressive total of 107 points in the second half.

The night also saw the East establishing a new record by scoring 42 three-pointers, surpassing the previous record set in 2017.

The combined 67 three-pointers from both teams also set a new record, surpassing the 2019 record of 62 successful three-pointers.

Karl-Anthony Towns made his mark by scoring 31 points in the final period, setting a new record for points in a quarter, surpassing Jayson Tatum’s 27 points from the previous season.

This marked the third consecutive All-Star Game where a player scored 50 points or more, following Curry in 2022 and Tatum in 2023.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ Damian Lillard, with 39 points and 6 assists, including two successful mid-court shots, was named the MVP of the game.

Lillard became the first player since Michael Jordan in 1988 to win both a contest and the All-Star Game MVP trophy during the same weekend, solidifying his standout performance in the All-Star festivities.



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