Burkina Faso / The march towards endogenous development continues under the Presidency of Captain Ibrahim Traoré

Captain Ibrahim Traoré’s leadership in Burkina Faso continues to underscore the government’s commitment to endogenous development and the economic empowerment of the country. A significant stride in this direction has been taken with the establishment of the mixed economy company known as “Textile of the armed Forces of Burkina Faso”, commonly referred to as “TEX FORCES-BF.”

This new move towards endogenous development was formalized during this Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, where a decree was issued to breathe life into this company.

TEX FORCES-BF is now tasked with the production and marketing of professional uniforms for military, paramilitary, and even civilian personnel.

According to information from the council of ministers’ report, TEX FORCES-BF’s primary objective is to meet the clothing needs of the armed and paramilitary forces, while also venturing into the civilian market.

This dual mission underscores the government’s commitment to promoting a strong and diversified national economy capable of meeting the varied needs of Burkinabe society as a whole.

The creation of this mixed economy company is not just an economic initiative but also a strategic step towards national security.

By ensuring local production of professional uniforms for the armed and paramilitary forces, Burkina Faso enhances its autonomy in terms of supply, thereby reducing dependence on imports and the fluctuations of international markets.

Furthermore, the establishment of TEX FORCES-BF also represents an opportunity for local economic development.

By investing in national textile production, the government promotes job creation within Burkina Faso and stimulates the growth of related industries, such as the cotton sector and textile processing.

Under President Ibrahim Traoré’s leadership, the government reaffirms its commitment to strengthening the country’s economic autonomy, addressing the needs of the population, and contributing to national security and job creation.



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