Driving Togo Forward: Insights from the Government’s Seminar in Aného

The inaugural government seminar held in Aného provided an overview of the achievements of the government’s roadmap, reviewing priority projects, programs, and reforms in key sectors of the country.

President Faure Gnassingbé emphasized the need for accelerated sustainable development in Togo, aligning with the expectations of the Togolese population.

With a clear vision of making Togo economically prosperous and a model state in all aspects, President Faure Gnassingbé instructed government members to expedite priority projects across vital sectors, particularly focusing on agriculture, access to water, universal healthcare, education, and digital initiatives.

Furthermore, the Togolese government called on its collaborators to support the agricultural transformation agency, a presidential initiative launched in 2023 to reduce labor intensity, promote agricultural mechanization and irrigation, and enhance productivity and incomes for farmers.

The primary expectation from the Togolese government is to bridge the gap between public policies and the lived experiences of the population, ensuring governance that serves the people of Togo effectively.



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