Togo: Focus on the new agreement for a direct air link between Lomé and Vienna

A historic agreement has been signed between Togo’s Minister of Transport, Affoh Atcha-Dedji, and Austrian Ambassador Thomas Schlesinger, paving the way for the establishment of a direct air route between Lomé, the Togolese capital, and Vienna, the Austrian capital.

This agreement will enable airlines such as Asky and Ethiopian Airlines to offer direct flights between Togo and Austria, facilitating travel between the two countries and creating new opportunities for travelers and investors.

Idrissou Ahabou, the Director General of Togo’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), emphasized the significance of this agreement in developing air links between the two nations.

He explained that this convention also provides a pathway for all investors interested in connecting Lomé to Vienna, allowing them to initiate the necessary procedures.

In addition to easing travel and economic exchanges, this agreement aims to strengthen cooperation between Togo and Austria on issues related to passenger safety and security.

The two countries also commit to collaborating on environmental protection, highlighting their shared commitment to sustainable development.

This new direct air link between Lomé and Vienna marks a significant step towards enhanced connectivity and strengthened cooperation between Togo and Austria.

It opens up new prospects for tourism, trade, and investments between the two countries, while providing travelers with a convenient and efficient option for their journeys.

In conclusion, this agreement heralds a new chapter in relations between Togo and Austria, demonstrating their mutual desire to strengthen bilateral ties.

It will energize economic and cultural exchanges, offering travelers a fresh opportunity to discover and connect these two fascinating countries.


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