Chad: Inter-community clashes leave 42 people dead in the east of the country

At least 42 people have been reported dead following clashes between two communities in eastern Chad, as stated in a press release from the Ministry of Public Security on Thursday, March 21, 2024. The statement did not provide further details regarding the conflicting communities or the duration of the conflict.

The clashes occurred in the Ouaddaï province, a region known for frequent tensions between sedentary farmers and nomadic herders, among other groups.

Local media sources suggest that these confrontations lasted several days, starting from Sunday, although this information has not yet been officially confirmed by Chadian authorities.

The violence led to the arrest of 175 individuals at the scene of the incident. A significant part of Tileguey village in Ouaddaï province was reportedly set on fire by armed individuals, as detailed in the ministry’s press release.

However, the statement reassured that the situation is now under control.

Chad’s Minister of Public Security, General Mahamat Charfadine Margui, affirmed that he is working towards reconciliation among the involved parties.

He mentioned being present at the crime scene, approximately 700 kilometres east of N’Djamena, along with a government delegation and military personnel, to thoroughly investigate the incident.

The minister emphasized the importance of shedding light on this tragedy and bringing about a resolution to the ongoing tensions in the region.

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