Burkina-Faso: President Ibrahim Traoré calls for greater commitment to complete the work of liberating Faso

«Today, we continue the same struggle, the struggle for sovereignty and independence». This is the essence of the message delivered by the Head of State, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, to the Burkinabe people during the launch of the National Days of Patriotic Engagement and Citizen Participation.

Celebrated on March 26th and October 2nd, these days pay tribute to the father of the revolution, Captain Thomas Sankara, for his revolutionary ideologies that propelled Burkina Faso towards socio-economic development and the fight for a sovereign and prosperous nation.

By establishing these days, President Captain Ibrahim Traoré calls on all Burkinabe citizens to remain united in carrying on the liberating work of the late Thomas Sankara.

This call to perpetuate the struggle challenges every citizen regarding their commitment and duty to the motherland, especially in the context of reclaiming national territory.

Whether by contributing to peace efforts, engaging as Volunteer  for the Defense of the Homeland  (VDP), fulfilling duties with diligence, or meeting obligations to the nation, this is the right battle that the people are fighting.

In essence, these days encapsulate increased patriotic engagement and a stronger sense of citizenship to complete Thomas Sankara’s fight, now taken up by President Ibrahim Traoré, for total sovereignty, social cohesion, political stability, national security, economic development, and consequently, Burkina Faso’s international prominence.


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