Narcotrafficking threats: Ángel Di Maria’s Family Under Fire in Rosario, Argentina

Ángel Di Maria’s family in Rosario, Argentina, faced a harrowing threat from a narcotrafficking gang, highlighting the dangerous undercurrents in the region. Authorities revealed that the family received a menacing note early on Monday at their Rosario residence, where Di Maria often stays while in Argentina.

The unsettling events transpired around 2:30 a.m. when security personnel at the Funes Hills Miraflores complex in Funes noticed a package tossed from a circling car.

The note inside contained ominous warnings and questioned the ability of Governor Maximiliano Pullaro to safeguard the family.

«We advise your son Ángel not to return to Rosario, lest we take drastic measures by harming a family member. Even Pullaro cannot shield you. Our threats are not idle; they are backed by lethal intent», the note conveyed, as reported by infobae.

Prompted by this distressing development, authorities in Santa Fe have launched a thorough investigation to identify and bring to justice those responsible, ensuring the security of Di Maria’s family.

This incident underscores the precarious security environment faced by prominent personalities, reminiscent of a similar threat targeting Lionel Messi’s family in the same locale a year prior.

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