Burkina Faso: Commemoration of the National Days of Patriotic Commitment, the Prime Minister calls for greater commitment.

On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, the Prime Minister’s office hosted a flag-raising ceremony to commemorate the National Days of Patriotic Engagement and Citizen Participation (JEPPC). Under the supervision of Prime Minister Dr. Apollinaire Kyélèm de Tambela, this event featured speeches highlighting the crucial importance of these days.

The initiative was launched during the Council of Ministers on December 6, 2023, where a decree was adopted to establish the National Days of Patriotic Engagement and Citizen Participation (JEPPC).

The establishment of these days aims to promote the consensual values of patriotic engagement among Burkinabe citizens to build a strong foundation for the benefit of the nation.

 As such, these days will be celebrated every March 26th and October 2nd of each year, paying tribute to Thomas Sankara, an iconic figure of the Burkinabe revolution.

Surrounded by colleagues and a significant crowd of officials, the Prime Minister addressed the essence of JEPPC.

 He emphasized that the previous messages from the Transitional President, Ibrahim Traoré, represented “the voice of the nation,” urging citizens to reflect on these words.

However, Dr. Apollinaire Kyélèm de Tambela also made an observation: «I note that after more than a year in power, some have not yet embraced the momentum. During these national days, where all Burkinabe are asked to wear traditional attire and prioritize local cuisine, he noted a persistent resistance to these practices among some», lamented the Prime Minister.

Therefore, the call is made to all Burkinabe to join the momentum, showcasing pride in belonging to the Burkinabe nation.


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