Togo: Universal health insurance, what you need to know about the benefits available with the new insurance card

The Universal Health Insurance program, spearheaded by President Faure Gnassingbé and launched in early January 2024, is now in its active phase with the issuance of the very first new cards to beneficiaries.

The National Social Security Fund (CNSS), the program’s managing body, has accelerated efforts to implement this presidential initiative in a timely manner. Here are some details about the new card.

With the new card, beneficiaries are entitled to family and maternity benefits, coverage for occupational risks, old age pensions, disability benefits, and death benefits.

This new card is seen as «a key to accessing healthcare services and receiving care from providers affiliated with the CNSS».

How to obtain the card?

For existing beneficiaries to receive the card, they need to update their personal information and declare their dependents or beneficiaries of the Universal Health Insurance (UHI) by creating an «insured account» on the CNSS website at

The procedure is straightforward. The insured individual must provide information about their residence, a certified birth certificate, a photo, and details about the beneficiaries.

For legally married insured individuals, a photo of the spouse and a certified marriage certificate are also required.

It should be noted that all these documents must be scanned and attached to the update form. The entire application process is conducted online.




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