Togo/Easter and Ramadan: President Faure GNASSINGBE speaks from his generous heart

On the occasion of Christians commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday, March 31st, and with the approaching Aïd El-Fitr marking the end of Ramadan, the President of the Togolese Republic took proactive steps. Alongside conveying messages of peace, fraternity, and solidarity, he made a tangible and generous gesture.

Representing the President, the Minister and Secretary-General of the Presidency, Mrs. Sandra Ablamba Johnson, distributed a substantial amount of food items over the weekend to both Christian and Muslim communities in Greater Lomé.

This symbolic act aimed to alleviate the basic needs of communities during these challenging times for certain segments of the population.

The food donation included essential items such as bags of rice, cooking oil, and cartons of tomatoes, benefiting approximately 7,000 people from the thirteen municipalities of Greater Lomé.

This donation provided an opportunity for the recipients to enjoy a festive Easter celebration and observe Ramadan peacefully.

The Secretary-General of the presidency emphasized that this initiative reflects President Faure Gnassingbe’s commitment to enhancing social cohesion, harmony, and resilience, especially within grassroots communities.

It also highlights the importance of individual contributions to overall development, encouraging every citizen to embrace such values.




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