Tensions rise in Cameroonian Football: Fecafoot vs. Ministry of Sports

FILE PHOTO: Soccer Football - Serie A - Inter Milan v Salernitana - San Siro, Milan, Italy - March 4, 2022 Former player Samuel Eto'o with a Hall of Fame award before the match REUTERS/Daniele Mascolo/File Photo

Tensions between the Cameroonian Football Federation led by Samuel Eto’o and the Ministry of Sports under Narcisse Mouelle Kombi continue to escalate, notably concerning the recruitment of the new head coach for the Indomitable Lions, Marc Brys, whom the Fecafoot refuses to acknowledge.

The relationship between Eto’o and Kombi is far from cordial, with recent developments in the appointment of national team staff exacerbating the situation.

The Federation expressed surprise and disapproval over the appointment of key positions within the national football team, citing violations of established regulations.

Samuel Eto’o himself conveyed his discontent in an open letter to the Sports Minister, firmly standing by the Federation’s decision to reject the Belgian coach and his staff, emphasizing adherence to legal frameworks.

This ongoing saga reflects deep-rooted conflicts within Cameroonian football administration, indicating that further developments are likely in this unfolding narrative.



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