Togo: Togo’s financial reforms under President Faure Gnassingbé attract investors

Under President Faure Gnassingbé’s leadership, the Togolese government has embarked on reforms aimed at strengthening the country’s financial landscape and inspiring investor confidence. These efforts recently came into focus with a highly successful financial venture in the regional market, underscoring Togo’s burgeoning appeal to investors.

On April 12, the Togolese Treasury initiated an operation to raise 30 billion FCFA through a simultaneous issuance of Treasury Bills (TBs) and Treasury Bonds (TBs).

However, the results exceeded expectations, culminating in a final collection of 33 billion FCFA, surpassing the initial target by 110%.

This achievement is a testament to the growing trust of investors in the Togolese economy and the efficacy of the government’s reform agenda.

Investors displayed substantial interest in this venture, offering a total of 46 billion FCFA, equivalent to 155.33% of the coverage rate.

This enthusiastic response reflects a positive outlook on the country’s economic prospects.

Breaking down the numbers, 27.5 billion FCFA was raised through TBs with maturities of 91 and 364 days, each at varying interest rates.

Additionally, 5.5 billion FCFA was secured through TBs, offering an annual yield of 6.40% with a 5-year maturity.

This strategic diversification of financial instruments attracted a diverse pool of investors, enhancing the stability and liquidity of the Togolese financial market.

This operation is part of a broader strategy to mobilize resources for financing Togo’s development projects.

To date, Togo has successfully accumulated 227 billion FCFA in loans out of the targeted 607 billion FCFA for this fiscal year.

This ability to access funds in regional financial markets underscores the credibility and resilience of the economic policies implemented by the Togolese government.

The resounding success of this recent financial operation in the regional market reaffirms Togo’s commitment to transparency, good governance, and economic stability.

President Faure Gnassingbé’s steadfast leadership continues to attract investors and foster confidence in the country’s economic trajectory.

Chantal Tawelessi


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