Mali: The infamous Daesh terrorist Abu Huzeifa neutralised by the FAMa, a Strategic Victory for the AES

It’s a major setback for the Islamic State group but a significant success for the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) in their ongoing fight against terrorism in the country. Abou Huzeifa, also known as Hugo and considered one of the top military leaders of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, was neutralized in the Indelimane area (Talataye, Gao) by FAMa in coordination with armed forces from member countries of the Sahel States Alliance (AES) during a large-scale operation.

The death of Abou Houzeifa, alias Hugo, likely marks the end of terrorist atrocities in the three-border region.

This criminal, whose head was put on the line by the United States after the Tongo Tongo attack in Niger in 2017, which he orchestrated and resulted in the deaths of four US Special Forces members and four Nigerien soldiers, will no longer spread devastation among AES populations.

This notorious terrorist was also responsible for multiple terrorist attacks against civilian populations in Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso.

The neutralization of Abou Houzeifa, alias Hugo, is a strategic victory not only for Mali but also for the entire AES.

Since the creation of this alliance, joint actions have been carried out by AES forces, one of the alliance’s missions.

Since then, the three AES countries have been suffocating terrorism by eliminating these criminals and destroying their bases, war materials, and logistics.








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