Burkina-Faso: Reciprocity of any destabilisation action against the transition, Pan-Africanists mobilise and warn The United States and its acolytes

The blatant declaration by the United States and the United Kingdom regarding the deceptive report from Human Rights Watch, an NGO propped up by the international community, whose mission is to divide the African people for better exploitation of their resources, will not achieve its objective.

The condescending attitude of so-called human rights countries that participate in the massacre of thousands of people, especially civilians worldwide, yet dare to lecture Burkina Faso on human rights, is condemned by the Burkinabe and African people.

The Planet of Young Pan-Africanists warns the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and any other power that would take actions against Burkinabe authorities and the AES to impose their own desires on the Sahel region.

These self-proclaimed champions of human rights are nothing but the worst criminals, the very evils that humanity suffers from today.

On what grounds of human rights did the United States attack Iraq? What about Libya, the Democratic Republic of Congo suffering from atrocities by M23 rebels under the complicit gaze of the same international community, Human Rights Watch, France, the European Union, the USA, etc.; all for their own interests.

Moreover, where was this NGO when terrorists were attacking and killing people in Burkina Faso? Did they denounce that?

Today, the entire Burkinabe people stand firmly behind the governments of Faso and the AES in this struggle for their sovereignty and the total liberation of their territory. The people reaffirm their unwavering support for AES leaders.

Any action these powers take against AES will be reciprocated and extended to their nationals, embassies… in all African countries by the now aware African people of the current stakes.

Cedric Kabore

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