Burkina Faso: Extension of the transition, a strong message to the International and Regional Community

The resounding call to action witnessed among Burkinabe on Saturday, may 11th, across the «Land of Honest People», carries a profound purpose: to convey a powerful message to those awaiting the culmination of the transitional period before demanding the organization of elections. At the heart of their plea lies the urgent need to restore constitutional order.

Enshrined in the transition charter since its adoption in October 2022, following the ousting of President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré’s regime, is the stipulation that the transition should conclude in July 2024, marked by the holding of crucial presidential and legislative elections.

As such, national forums are poised to convene imminently to determine the trajectory of the transition and the destiny of the nation.

Traditionally, the regional and international community stands ready to issue calls for a return to constitutional normalcy once the transition reaches its conclusion.

However, the Burkinabe, acutely aware of the stakes involved, have pre-emptively taken action.

Through meticulously orchestrated mass mobilizations spanning every corner of Burkina Faso, they fervently advocate for an extension of the transition.

This extension is seen as vital to afford the current transitional government under the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré the necessary time to continue and conclude the laudable initiatives commenced for the liberation and advancement of the country.

Their plea finds resonance in the dynamic patriotism driving the transition—a commitment solely dedicated to the welfare of the Burkinabe populace and the cherished homeland of Burkina Faso.

This unwavering dedication is palpable not only in bolstering security measures but also in fostering socio-economic progress, thereby nurturing tangible and sustainable development.

The conscientious Burkinabe, steadfast in their pursuit of national interests, are steadfast in their resolve not to imperil the ongoing journey toward liberation and development by prematurely disbanding the driving force behind it.

This resolute stance serves as a clarion call to transitional authorities and the nation’s stakeholders to reassess the timeline of the transition.

Moreover, it serves as a poignant reminder to the regional and international community, often swayed by democratic ideals and constitutional propriety, of the paramount importance of respecting the will of the people and ensuring the security and prosperity of the nation above all else.


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