Niger/ Economic Cooperation: High-Level Meeting Between AfDB and Private Sector Representatives

Since Wednesday, a delegation from the African Development Bank (AfDB) has been in Niamey for critical discussions with Nigerien authorities, private sector representatives, and technical and financial partners.

Led by Vice President Laure Akin Olugbade, the AfDB delegation aims to explore collaborative efforts to revive Niger’s economy following recent turbulent periods.

Akin Olugbade emphasized the importance of aligning the initiatives of various partners with ongoing projects funded by the African Development Fund, as well as identifying potential future collaborations.

«We have assessed the economic and social situation in the country and noted that the economic activities and projects we support are progressing satisfactorily», she remarked, adding that «the needs that prompted these projects still exist, and it is crucial to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the Nigerien population».

The delegation held a meeting with President Abdourahamane Tiani on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

Following the meeting, Akin Olugbade expressed her satisfaction with the engagement, noting that the discussion covered Niger’s current situation, opportunities, and challenges.

«The sectors where the Nigerien people most need support from the Bank, particularly agriculture, are crucial for ensuring food security and sovereignty», she stated.

«This is a key priority for the AfDB, as one of our five main objectives is to “Feed Africa”. We received all the necessary attention and guidance for our mission».

The meeting also included Prime Minister Lamine Zeine Ali Mahamane and other government ministers.


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