Burkina Faso/Insecurity: The Intelligence Service, One of the stratagems in the fight

Since President Ibrahim Traoré’s rise to power in Burkina Faso, significant emphasis has been placed on the intelligence service, transforming it into a crucial and powerful component in the fight against terrorism and the safeguarding of national security.

Equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly skilled personnel, the Burkinabe intelligence service operates with exceptional efficiency and professionalism.

The security gains, particularly in combating terrorist groups, underscore the service’s ability to swiftly detect threats and stay a step ahead of adversaries.

Constant surveillance of criminal elements ensures that combatants receive precise information, enabling them to act decisively.

Numerous destabilization attempts and foreign espionage activities have been thwarted thanks to the strategic and meticulous operations of this discreet service.

The effectiveness and professionalism of Burkina Faso’s intelligence service have also led to collaboration with several neighboring countries, helping them to uncover and foil enemy plots.

This success is a testament to President Traoré’s visionary goal of making Burkina Faso an emerging and attractive nation.

Under the leadership of Captain Oumarou Yabré, the intelligence service has become a model for effective counter-terrorism efforts, setting a standard in the region.





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