Hugues Fabrice Zango secures Gold at Oslo Diamond League with Record-Breaking Jump

Burkinabe athlete Hugues Fabrice Zango claimed the gold medal at the Oslo Diamond League in Norway on Thursday, May 30, 2024, with an impressive performance of 17.27 meters, surpassing Algerian competitor Yasser Mohammed Triki.

Zango once again showcased his brilliance on the track. After missing out on the Mohamed VI International Meeting in Marrakech, the world champion bounced back with a resounding victory at the Oslo Diamond League.

It was during his fourth attempt that Zango soared to an extraordinary distance of 17.27 meters, solidifying his position at the top.

Right from the start of the competition, Zango exerted pressure on his rivals with a remarkable jump of 16.98 meters on his first attempt, taking the lead over Algerian Mohamed Yasser Triki (16.51 meters) and Portuguese athlete Tiago Pereira (16.37 meters).

With a leap of 17.27 meters, Zango sealed the victory! Triki managed to reach 16.96 meters and then 17 meters on his third attempt, momentarily taking the lead. However, Zango remained at 16.98 meters until his fourth attempt.

Undeterred, he executed a phenomenal jump of 17.27 meters, reclaiming the lead. Despite Triki’s last attempt at 17.25 meters, Zango maintained his unshakable position at the top.

Lazaro Martinez finished third with a jump of 16.97 meters. Zango had previously won the silver medal at the Xiamen stage, demonstrating his consistency and dominance in the discipline.

Zango’s primary focus now shifts to the Olympic Games scheduled from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

 His outstanding performance at the Oslo Diamond League solidifies his status as a favorite and promises great prospects for future competitions.

By clinching gold in Oslo with a jump of 17.27 meters, Hugues Fabrice Zango continues to elevate Burkina Faso’s colors and establish himself as one of the world’s top athletes in the triple jump.

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