Burkina Faso: Military prosecutor’s office issues ruling on the case of Colonel Evrard Somda and two other defendants

On Saturday, June 1st, 2024, amidst the dramatic display by Guy Hervé Kam’s legal team, designed for those receptive to their message, the military prosecutor’s office took proactive steps to provide clarity on several ongoing cases within the military courts.

The military prosecutor aimed to inform the public about the progression of specific cases involving Lieutenant-Colonel Somda Evrard, Guy Hervé Kam, and Dah Sami, all facing charges related to offenses against state security.

These cases are being handled by separate investigative entities.

Since August 2008, there have been numerous attempts to conspire against the transitional authorities, providing the legal grounds for the military prosecutor’s involvement.

Any civilians found colluding with military personnel in such offenses fall under their jurisdiction.

In August 2023, intelligence services uncovered plans by current and former military personnel to identify sensitive locations and residences of transitional authorities, including the Head of State, with the intent of assassination and destabilization.

Responding to these grave allegations, the military prosecutor directed the national gendarmerie’s research division to conduct a thorough investigation to substantiate these claims.

Initial findings from the investigation revealed that ex-corporal Dah Sami, previously expelled from the armed forces due to a prior conviction, had enlisted Adjutant Kaboré W. and Sergeant-Chef Ramdé B. Ismaël, offering financial incentives to carry out these illicit acts.

Modern Burkina Faso upholds due process, ensuring citizens are not imprisoned without verified evidence.

Those supporting Colonel Evrard Somba and his associates in destabilizing the transitional regime under President Ibrahim Traoré are using legal representatives to craft narratives for public consumption.

It is hoped that the people of Burkina Faso will exercise discernment to identify individuals willing to compromise their country’s integrity for personal gain.



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