Togo/Agriculture: 7,000 small Cereal Producers receive government support

In its strategy to promote agricultural activities and ensure food security, the government and its partners are assisting 700 small-scale farmers in two regions of Togo, namely Kara and the Savanes in the northern part of the country.

Specifically, maize, rice, and cowpea farming cooperatives have received agricultural equipment and tools.

The provided equipment includes power tillers, maize shellers, rice hullers, multifunction threshers, cassava presses, and tricycles.

The program also includes support in the form of agricultural inputs, particularly seeds (100 tons of rice seeds and 100 tons of maize seeds) and fertilizers (1500 tons of fertilizer).

This commendable initiative by the Togolese government underscores the vital role of agriculture in driving the country’s economic development.

This effort is part of the national integrated school feeding program, which relies on local production.

The government’s support will help strengthen the productive capacities of small-scale farmers in these two regions, focusing on cereal crops within the planned agricultural development zones (ZAAP).



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