Burkina Faso: Launch of work to widen national road no. 2

Over the weekend, the Burkinabe government initiated a significant project aimed at widening and upgrading a section of National Road No. 2 (RN2), which connects Ouagadougou to Ouahigouya.

This project, with a budget of 112,000 USD (approximately 68.4 million CFA francs), is jointly funded by the government and a local bank.

The construction, entrusted to PFO Africa Burkina Faso SA, is scheduled to span three years.

The specific stretch being revamped is crucial for urban mobility, especially in the outskirts of Ouagadougou.

RN2 serves as a vital artery for exiting the city and links to the northern regions, facilitating commercial and social exchanges with the northern localities.

The joint financing of this project by the government and a local bank underscores the commitment of both authorities and the private sector to invest in critical infrastructure for the country’s development.

This collaboration highlights the significance of robust partnerships in executing large-scale infrastructure projects.

Commencing the renovation works on RN2 signifies a pivotal milestone in Burkina Faso’s road infrastructure development.

By enhancing connectivity between Ouagadougou and Ouahigouya, this project will bolster mobility, stimulate the economy, and enhance residents’ quality of life.

The government, in collaboration with private entities, showcases its determination to modernize infrastructure and support sustainable development in the country.




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