Paris gears up for Olympics: Rehearsals on the Seine for the opening ceremony

France is gearing up to host one of the world’s most prestigious sporting spectacles. From July 26th to August 11th, Paris will be the stage for the Olympic Games.

As the countdown to the opening ceremony nears its final days, preparations are in full swing, ensuring every detail is meticulously arranged for the grand occasion.

The official schedule outlines a spectacular display, with 205 delegations set to parade along the Seine River aboard more than 80 boats.

Thierry Reboul, the executive director of the ceremonies, shared insights into the planned festivities. “On the day of the ceremony, we’ll witness a striking scene as delegation members proudly display their uniforms and national flags aboard the boats. Our goal is to maintain the authenticity of the boats while creating a captivating atmosphere around them,” Reboul remarked.

Despite the meticulous planning, contingencies are in place to address any unforeseen challenges.

President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed the existence of a backup plan, acknowledging the need for flexibility in response to potential security concerns.

Should security risks escalate significantly prior to the opening ceremony, the outdoor extravaganza involving global leaders could transition to a more conventional spectacle at the renowned Stade de France.

This adaptable approach underscores France’s commitment to ensuring a safe and memorable Olympic experience for participants and spectators alike.



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