Senegal / New victory against drug trafficking: 108.7 kg of cocaine seized by Senegalese customs

The Senegalese customs authorities have made a significant drug seizure in the southern region of Kalifourou, confiscating 108.7 kg of cocaine valued at 8.7 billion CFA francs, as reported in an official statement released on Saturday.

This operation targeted a Jeep Grand Cherokee arriving from a neighbouring country, driven by a Sahel region national.

A thorough search of the vehicle uncovered a specially designed compartment hidden under the rear trunk, concealed beneath a mat and a spare tire.

Inside this hidden compartment, the officers found 95 packages of cocaine, weighing a total of 108.7 kg.

The estimated street value of the seized cocaine is 8.7 billion CFA francs. Additionally, the customs officials found foreign currency and a large amount of CFA francs on the driver.

This seizure is part of a series of operations by Senegalese customs aimed at combating drug trafficking.

On March 31st, authorities seized 91.84 kg of cocaine, and in mid-April, another substantial haul of 1,137.6 kg was intercepted in the eastern part of the country.

These actions underscore the ongoing commitment of Senegalese authorities to fight against the illegal drug trade.

These recent seizures highlight the Senegalese authorities’ resolve to escalate their efforts against drug trafficking.

Each operation not only disrupts criminal networks but also enhances the security and stability of the country.


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