Burkina Faso/Transition: Conspiracy, the camp of complicit enemies on fire after the appearance of Captain Ibrahim TRAORE

Who among the accomplices leaked false information about the supposed escape of President Ibrahim Traoré of Burkina Faso?


The enemies of Burkina Faso, questioning their allies, were stunned when the President reappeared at the Cabinet meeting and on RTB on Thursday, June 20, 2024.


These adversaries had believed they had dealt with Captain Ibrahim Traoré and were merely waiting for the right moment to seize control of the country.


But their disappointment was twofold. First, their mission to eliminate or overthrow Captain Traoré had failed, and second, their accomplices had falsely assured them of success.


They were so convinced that Captain Traoré had taken refuge in a neighboring country that even his appearances during the blood donation event and the Tabaski prayer, following the mortar shell incident, were dismissed by them as mere fabrications by Burkinabe media.


Notably, Newton Ahmed Barry, scorned by the Burkinabe, declared on TV5 Monde that Captain Traoré’s silence indicated his overthrow by rebellious soldiers.


Today, the truth has caught up with them, and those who once accepted their words as gospel are now disillusioned.


This marks the beginning of the downfall for these enemies of the people, who have used communication and information channels as tools for lies, manipulation, and division.



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