Togo: The Reparation programme for victims of sociopolitical violence from 1958 to 2005 is following its normal course

In an effort to heal the wounds caused by the sociopolitical crises from 1958 to 2005 and to reconcile all Togolese people, President Faure GNASSINGBE and the involved parties have intensified their efforts, particularly regarding the compensation phase for those who suffered during this period.

Initiated in 2018, this symbolic compensation phase for victims continues nationwide.

According to available information, since the start of this initiative following the census, over 10 billion FCFA has been disbursed by the Togolese government. Another phase of this operation is scheduled for June 24.

The High Commission for Reconciliation and Strengthening of National Unity (HCRRUN), the body responsible for executing this compensation program, is set to launch a new session on this date.

This phase, which will last five days (until June 29), targets non-vulnerable victims in the Plateaux-Est and Kara regions in northern Togo.

The operations will primarily take place at the Social Affairs offices in Atakpamé and Kara for the populations of the respective prefectures.

The victims, whose list is posted on the institution’s website and in the offices of the concerned municipalities and prefectures, are invited to bring valid identification documents.



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