Burkina Faso/Mali: The two leaders consult to ensure the success of their march towards sovereignty

In response to the harmful impacts of imperialism and neocolonialism, Burkina Faso and the Republic of Mali, both under military leadership, have chosen to take charge of their own destinies.

Along with their neighboring brother nation, Niger, also governed by a military regime, they have joined forces within the Sahel States Alliance to better address various sectoral challenges.

As part of their ongoing friendship and cooperation, the President of the Republic of Mali, Colonel Assimi GOÏTA, made his inaugural visit to Burkina Faso on Tuesday, June 25.

He was welcomed by his fellow comrade and counterpart, Captain Ibrahim TRAORE of Burkina Faso.

These two prominent African leaders, greatly admired and supported by the African populace, have significant responsibilities to fulfill for the benefit of their peoples.

According to available information, the two heads of state and their respective delegations will focus on areas of common interest, especially their priority sectors, such as security and the revitalization of economies weakened by terrorism.

Their aim is to achieve effective socioeconomic development and to continue the struggle for full sovereignty of their nations.

The visit also serves as an opportunity for both leaders to contemplate ways to further enhance and invigorate their bonds of friendship and cooperation, ultimately benefiting their hopeful populations.

It is noteworthy that a massive crowd turned out to welcome Mali’s top leader to Burkina Faso.



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