Burkina Faso/Manipulation: The actions of the imperialist media always point to a diabolical plan

In the backdrop of recent events, the narrative spun by imperialist-friendly media outlets often conceals ulterior motives. The recent incident in Mansila serves as a stark reminder of this reality, etching a lasting impression on the minds of Burkinabe people.


 French journalists with alleged ties to terrorist sympathizers painted a grim picture, claiming Burkina Faso was engulfed in flames and chaos.


Their reports suggested that terrorist groups launched a brazen attack on a Burkinabé military detachment in Mansila, resulting in numerous civilian and military casualties.


This orchestrated attack indicates collusion between these perpetrators and external forces seeking to weaken the country’s defenses, undermine governmental efforts, and incite discord among the populace.


The Mansila attack, along with incidents in Djibo and Karma, bear the hallmark of enemies of Burkina Faso, aided by local accomplices.


Fortunately, the vigilant Burkinabé military has consistently thwarted such threats.


With support from the AES forces, Burkinabé fighters effectively engaged and neutralized these criminals dispatched in large numbers by imperialist forces and traitorous elements.


Many of these wrongdoers met their demise under the relentless assault of aerial and ground forces.


It’s worth noting that simultaneous terrorist attacks were coordinated to deliver a severe blow to the Burkinabé army.


However, their vigilance and valor in defending their territory have proven resilient. Armed with courage and determination, Burkinabe stand united against their adversaries, regardless of their origins, emerging as victors in this ongoing struggle.





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